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Pause for the persecuted this Easter

Christian cross ncj

This Easter we should pause to consider what we can do to support those who are persecuted for their beliefs.

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Villiers calls for new process to deal with Northern Ireland’s past

Theresa Villiersj

In a speech today, Northern Ireland secretary Theresa Villiers will call for a new process to deal with Northern Ireland’s past.

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Farage challenges Salmond to EU debate

Nigel Farage 1j

Fresh from taking on Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage has called on Scottish first minister Alex Salmond to debate with him ahead of September’s referendum.

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Pressure mounts on Salmond for currency plan b

Alex Salmond no copyrightj

New polling has found that a majority of people outside Scotland oppose the idea of a currency union.

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Cameron doesn’t give ‘two hoots’ about Welsh NHS, says first minister

Carwyn Jonesj

The Welsh first minister has claimed that David Cameron “doesn’t care two hoots about the NHS in Wales”.

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Government hampering scrutiny of universal credit, say MPs

IDS no copyrightj

The Work and Pensions Select Committee has today accused the government of “hampering” its inquiry into Universal Credit.

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Scottish Labour ups its game on independence

Scottish Labour non copyrightj

New polling data has revealed that the Yes to Scottish independence camp has managed to cut the lead of the No campaign to just 5 per cent.

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Hain calls for end to Troubles prosecutions

Peter Hainj

Former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain has argued that all crimes related to the troubles that have not yet been solved should be left like that.

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Robinson warns of ‘nuclear options’ on welfare

Peter Robinsonj

Northern Ireland’s first minister Peter Robinson has warned of “nuclear options” if Stormont doesn’t approve the Welfare Reform Bill.

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Unionists need to unite, argues Northern Irish minister

Arlene Fosterj

A senior member of Northern Ireland’s largest unionist party has issued a warning about the fragmentation of unionism as a result of there being too many political parties.

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