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Exclusive: Three quarters of voters believe PM and chancellor out of touch

Just under three quarters of voters do not believe the prime minister and chancellor appreciate the rising cost of living, according to a poll conducted by Survation for Progressive Polling.

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Poll: Majority of voters want an early election and don’t blame Labour for financial crisis

A majority of voters want an early election and don’t blame Labour for the UK financial crisis – blaming the banking sector more, a new poll today reveals.

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Policy Exchange owes the North an apology

As long as Policy Exchange advocate and promote policies to the clear detriment of Northerners, and do not apologise for the past, they won’t deserve a hearing.

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Poll: Voters caution against risky regional pay

There is widespread concern about the impact of regional pay on services across the political spectrum, a new TUC/Survation poll reveals.

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Poll: 68 is too late for state pension, is “unfair” and will hit the poorest hardest

Neil Foster of Progressive Polling reports on new poll data showing public disapproval of the government’s plans to raise the state pension age.

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Tory voters trust BMA and co. over Cameron and Lansley on the NHS

60% of voters said they trusted the views of health professionals the most, 10% said David Cameron and Andrew Lansley, a new poll on the health reforms reveals.

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The 12 practical problems of localising public sector pay

Neil Foster presents 12 problems with the government’s unfair, unworkable, and regressive plan to localise public sector pay.

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New survey shows public more willing to take action over pensions

Seven in ten voters would take some form of action if their pension contributions were to increase while promising lower returns, writes Neil Foster.

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Bombardier decision threatens thousands of supply chain jobs

A new business survey conducted by Survation for Unite the Union explores the full scale of the industrial fallout if the Bombardier decision is not reversed.

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Tories face fierce ‘Bombardier backlash’ in key marginals

Conservatives face a dramatic drubbing in Midlands marginals at the next election due to the handling of the Thameslink rolling stock contract which Derby manufacturers Bombadier was competing for.

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