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Time for universities to reveal secret details of vice-chancellor pay increases

University ukj

Vice-chancellors’ eye-watering rises are cloaked in secrecy.

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All parties must spell out how we will deliver world class education


While many other countries, including the emerging economies, recognise the value of investing more in public education, the UK is in danger of falling behind.

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I hope Tristram Hunt will respond positively to my invitation to discuss how a picket line works

Tristram Huntj

It is a fundamental principle, not only of my union but of the movement in general, that you do not cross a picket line.

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Better careers advice is needed – but the government has removed the things people are calling for

A report today calls for better careers advice; however, this is another situation where the government has already removed the thing people are calling for.

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Spreading privilege? The only thing Cameron’s spreading is ignorance

Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union, explains why she’ll be marching tomorrow in defence of education for the many.

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Putting an individual through university generates £227k for the economy

The government needs to recognise the economic returns from investing in A-levels and degree courses, writes UCU general secretary Sally Hunt.

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Subject choice plummets across the UK as the government fails universities

Sally Hunt shows the extent to which subject choice has shrunk in the UK as a result of government policy and rhetoric on HE.

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Higher education reforms theaten a slump in UK’s international competitiveness

According to the latest EU statistics, the UK ranks a lowly 18th place when it comes to people with at least an upper secondary education (equivalent to A-levels) The UK should be at the top of the table when it comes to education.

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The shocking effect of Gove’s EMA axe: Youngsters skipping food to get to college

Young people are having to choose whether to eat or travel to college thanks to the government’s “disastrous” decision to axe education maintenance allowance.

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University applications down nine per cent, more for mature students

Sally Hunt examines UCAS’s latest round of figures for university applications, and asks what they mean for the future of British higher education

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