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Growth is being driven by consumer credit and household debt, despite the need for exports and manufacturing

The Tories have clearly not learned the lesson of the last two decades.

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It’s telling that the chancellor failed to mention ‘manufacturing’ once in his Autumn Statement

The re-balancing of the economy which Osborne promised has been all but abandoned.

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EU austerity and dismantling of collective bargaining ‘unlawful’

The European Union’s austerity measures and the dismantling of collective bargaining in a number of countries is unlawful, according to a professor at the University of Bremen.

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German companies in US warned against violating employment rights

The new leader of the giant German union IG Metall, Detlef Wetzel, has warned German companies operating in the US against violating employment rights and opposing the right of workers to form unions.

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The coalition lacks any plan to get Britain manufacturing again

Unite has set out ten recommendations for rebalancing the economy and developing an effective manufacturing strategy.

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Walmart and others fail to show up to compensation discussions for Bangladesh factory victims

Of the brands involved in sourcing from the Bangladesh garment factory at the heart of the disaster in April, only nine out of the 29 companies have attended a meeting convened to discuss compensation payments.

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TUC Take Government To EU Over Agency Work Laws

The UK government is failing to implement EU laws, resulting in tens of thousands of agency workers paid less than permanent staff doing the same job, says the TUC.

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Wages stagnate – UK now in the Euro relegation zone

The media might be talking about “booming Britain”, but the reality for millions of workers is very different. New data shows how far wages have fallen in the UK.

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Canada’s newest union to dedicate 10% to organising

Canada’s newest union, Unifor the Union, aims to fight Canada’s anti-trade union legislation.

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Impact of austerity policies across EU now toxic

The European Trade Union Congress in a report issued this week has warned of the impact austerity policies are having on pay across the European Union.

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