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Euro Unions demand: end austerity and put industry back to work

Trade unions austerityj

European manufacturing and industrial unions met in Madrid this week at a specially convened conference to discuss the crisis in European industry.

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Never mind the 50p top rate: these five cuts really are a false economy

George Osbornej

Five self-defeating cuts which are not only unfair, but fail on the coalition’s own criteria of deficit-reduction.

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Brighton Greens’ council tax move shows the fight against austerity is on

Brighton Greens are to hold a referendum to let local people choose between cuts or paying a pound a week extra tax.

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Evidence that coalition cuts hitting poorest harder

Spending cuts to local government appear to have fallen on poorer (Labour) areas far more severely than wealthier (Tory) ones.

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The government must take responsibility on food poverty

The government should provide a non-profit, partially subsidised alternative alongside supermarkets.

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Prostitution and Poverty in the UK

In Britain, the recession has left many people struggling to make ends meet, but reports have shown that some young people are turning to prostitution in pursuit of financial security.

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Impact of austerity policies across EU now toxic

The European Trade Union Congress in a report issued this week has warned of the impact austerity policies are having on pay across the European Union.

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Ed Balls has made a shrewd move, but Labour must go further

Ed Balls’ latest Guardian article is an interesting one.

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Ireland, poster child for austerity hawks, slips back into recession

Ireland, Europe’s poster child for austerity, has slipped back into recession, and the country’s 2012 GDP has been revised sharply lower from +o.9 per cent to just +0.2 per cent.

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Owen Jones calls on the left to unite against austerity

Chavs author, Independent writer and Labour activist Owen Jones talked to Salman Shaheen about the People’s Assembly and the prospects for resistance to austerity

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