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The coalition is slowly terminating the social contract

Clement Atlee ncrj

We need to talk about our rights as members of the public rather than letting corporations define them, writes Matt Hawkins.

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A crisis made in Downing Street: one MILLION people visit food banks

Food banks imagej

Almost one million people had to rely on a food bank for emergency food aid in the past year.

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People hit by Bedroom Tax choosing between eating and heating

Bedroom tax non copyrightj

People hit by the hated Bedroom Tax are choosing between eating and heating, with three quarters cutting back on food bills, according to a new report.

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Labour has betrayed its supporters on the welfare cap

TweetThe Tory austerity drive – bound up as it is in the barefaced lie that Britain was brought low in 2008 by benefit scroungers and not reckless bankers – was never about fixing the economy. It was about shrinking the state. As such, it was hardly surprising to see Cameron’s Etonian class warriors lining up […]

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The welfare cap ties a Labour government to ‘predistribution’

Welfare cap1j

The welfare cap could help focus attention on the drivers of benefit spending.

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Labour should oppose the Welfare Cap, which doesn’t protect those in greatest need

Welfare cap1j

The welfare cap is a regressive measure which hits the poor hardest.

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The Work Programme: just 1 in 20 ESA claimants have found work through the scheme

Job centre plus

The latest batch of Work Programme data were released today. New quarter; similar results: a programme doing acceptably for some, but for others not.

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Duncan Smith department promoting ‘negative perceptions’ of benefit claimants

Iain Duncan Smith 2j

A group of MPs has slammed the government for using official statistics inaccurately to spin stories about benefit claimants.

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Migration Watch’s latest report: a ‘stark misapprehension’ and ‘simply wrong’

‘Immigrants cost Britain £3,000 a year each’, booms today’s Daily Telegraph. They are completely and utterly wrong.

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How to control welfare spending: build houses and raise the minimum wage

Minimum wage 2-JPEG

There are more progressive ways to control spending than bashing the poor.

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