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Don’t turn Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer into free speech martyrs

The anti-fascist campaign group Hope Not Hate (HNH) has started a petition to prevent two American bloggers from being given permission to enter the UK.

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“The pimps, the prostitutes, the spivs, the pansies, and now, the queers”: A short history of anti-gay prejudice

TweetOpposition to equality for gay, lesbian and bisexual people is nothing new. The difference today is the language. Not so long ago, MPs were willing to stand up in the House of Commons and liken gay people to “pimps”, “prostitutes” and “spivs”. Homosexuality was deemed “uncivilised”, and love between consenting adults was labelled a “perversion”. […]

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Bonfire Night bigotry is alive and well in Lewes

The gunpowder plot, four hundred plus years ago, was a violent reaction against incredible intolerance; tonight in Lewes, we have moved on less than we thought.

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You know all about the racism, now read about the homophobia in the Euro 2012 hosts

As Left Foot Forward reported last week, there are big fears racism, anti-Semitism and violence will mar Euro 2012, which kicks off tomorrow in Poland.

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Russian police fail to protect LGBT festival from homophobic gangs

Russian LGBT festival organisers were terrorised and followed home by homophobic gangs with no assistance from nearby police.

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A state free of religion is a core liberal belief

Mike Morgan Giles argues that Tory Baroness Sayeeda Warsi is wrong – we need “militant secularists”, whatever they are.

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Liddle’s latest outrage shouldn’t surprise us

Alex Hern reminds everyone that Rod Liddle’s never been the nicest journalist on the block – and that his latest outrageous comments are just par for the course

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SNP’s anti-sectarianism bill unites the opposition

Ed Jacobs writes about the unity between all the Scottish opposition parties against the SNP’s anti-sectarianism bill, which they say is badly drafted.

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Anti-Catholic bigotry in Scotland on the rise; all religious hate crimes up 10%

Religious hate crimes in Scotland have surged 10 per cent in the last year, according to research released today by the Scottish government, reports Kevin Meagher.

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Labour: Anti-sectarian legislation is right in spirit, but flawed in execution

Shadow Scottish justice secretary James Kelly MSP explains why Scottish Labour is opposed to the SNP’s anti-sectarianism bill.

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