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There might not be any red tape for Boris Johnson to cut, but securing London’s energy security matters

Boris Johnsonj

Faced with the prospect of a capacity crunch in energy supplies, the Mayor is content to sit back and write another column attacking renewables.

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Why is Boris Johnson a bystander when London gets hit by dangerous smog?


The mayor and government are bystanders during a public health emergency.

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Can London adapt to climate change with a climate sceptic in charge?


Boris Johnson is a climate sceptic who wants to build a massive airport on the Thames Estuary. He cannot be taken seriously on green issues, writes Jenny Jones AM.

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19p should be the first step towards a mandatory living wage

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When the National Minimum Wage is increased in the autumn, it will remain far below a living wage and will leave millions earning poverty wages.

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Boris’ rich investors won’t build the affordable housing London needs

Boris jj

Affordable housing is vital, yet it appears to be the last thing on Boris’ mind.

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Stop Boris selling London

London not for salej

On Thursday protesters descended on City Hall to express their anger at Mayor Boris Johnson and over 20 UK councils participating in the MIPIM conference.

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Sorry Boris, but taking children away from their parents won’t stop radicalisation

Boris Johnsonj

There is very little academic evidence to suggest that parents play a key role in radicalisation.

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If you don’t want water cannon on our streets, now is the time to say so


The Met wants to buy weaponry that can injure, blind and even kill.

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Boris’ failure on affordable housing

Boris Johnsonj

Boris’ incompetence is exacerbating the shortage of housing in London.

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Has Boris blunder handed Barclays £10m free advertising?

Boris bikesj

It appears the Mayor has presided over an almighty fiasco.

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