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The prison book ban is not just nasty but bizarre

Prison readingj

Encouraging prisoners to read aids their rehabilitation.

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Chris Grayling is right, the BBC is biased. But not in the way he thinks

Another day, another baseless accusation of left-wing bias at the BBC.

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Justice should be accessible to all, not only those who can afford it

Our criminal process should not be premised upon the idea that, if someone is well off enough to pay for a lawyer, they deserve a higher standard of care.

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Legal aid changes will allow abuses of power by public authorities against the most vulnerable

Last week justice secretary Chris Grayling withdrew his proposal to deny those accused in the criminal courts and reliant on legal aid the right to choose who will represent them.

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With our current prison system, Chris Grayling’s talk of ‘purposeful activity’ is meaningless

Too many prisons act like bad parents. Rather than doing anything productive with those in their care, it’s a lot less effort to simply plonk them in front of the TV to veg out.

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Comment: why is outsourcing wrong?

TweetWith the memory of the G4S debacle at the beginning of the summer still sore, today’s news that the government plans to outsource huge swathes of the probation service will be met by cynicism and concern. British government use of the private sector to run services has had a difficult history. However, the justice secretary […]

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Try as he may, Chris Grayling can’t make prison cuts without cutting prison numbers

Efforts by the coalition to reduce expenditure on prisons are fraught with problems, including, potentially, from the ever-reliable G4S.

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Does Grayling believe in the Right to Life? The Prohibition of Torture? Of Slavery?

In an interview with ConservativeHome, Chris Grayling reaffirms worries about the Tory party stance on human rights, with talk of quitting the ECHR.

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The government’s Work Programme (still) isn’t working

New ONS figures reveal that the number of long-term unemployed has more than doubled since May 2010: a new milestone in the Work Programme’s litany of failure.

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Calamity Grayling misuses the stats (again)

Gaffe-prone employment minister Chris Grayling added to his opus of incompetence today; Shamik Das chronicles all his balls ups down the years.

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