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What does the Spending Review mean for growth in our cities?

Everyone knew there would be very little money to spare in Wednesday’s Spending Review and Thursday’s ‘Growth Statement’. The slow recovery of the national economy has put paid to any attempts to move away from ‘austerity’, so departmental cuts of up to 10 per cent came as no surprise.

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Cities Outlook 2013: A downturn of two halves

For the past five years the UK economy has either been in, or on the brink of, recession, writes Rachel Smith of Centre for Cities.

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Osborne is right to listen to Heseltine, but he can still do more for cities

Alexandra Jones of Centre for Cities outlines the three most relevant areas of the autumn statement for cities.

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Investment in cities is key to economic recovery

Government needs to be in it for the long term when it comes to investing in people and places.

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From Boots to Barclays: Why branch businesses are good for our cities

Paul Swinney of the Centre for Cities looks at the effects of independent businesses on the economy.

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Elected mayors: To vote or not to vote?

The fast-approaching referendums on directly elected mayors in 10 major UK cities present an opportunity to invigorate local democracy and economic development.

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Budget 2012: Some welcome news for cities, but questions remain about jobs and growth

Rachel Smith, research analyst at Centre for Cities, looks at the impact of George Osborne’s Budget 2012 on the cities of the United Kingdom.

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Here’s what the Portas review left out

Elizabeth Cox of nef argues that Mary Portas’ review of the High Street makes many good suggestions, but misses out some curiously large targets

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Deal or no deal for England’s cities

A look at the government’s new plan for ‘tailored city deals’; if the practice lives up to the rhetoric, it could be a strong driver of growth in the cities.

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New GDP figures may herald return to growth, but worst performing cities continue to struggle

Tomorrow’s GDP figures will show a return to growth. In many places, however, it won’t feel like the good times are back, with the North-South gap widening.

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