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Government slammed for giving ‘false impression’ of flood investment

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The government has been accused (£) by the head of the UK Statistics Authority of giving a misleading impression of how much it has invested in flood defence.

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Brighton Greens’ council tax move shows the fight against austerity is on

Brighton Greens are to hold a referendum to let local people choose between cuts or paying a pound a week extra tax.

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3 things the government *is* doing about flooding

The government, and Owen Paterson in particular, have been criticised for not doing enough about flooding. Here, then, are three things they are doing.

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Breaking Barriers: overcoming the barriers disadvantaged families face to engaging with children’s centres

TweetLaura Rodrigues is Policy Officer for The Children’s Society The creation of Sure Start children’s centres to provide a local hub of integrated services and support for families with young children, was one of the most inventive and far-reaching government initiatives of the last twenty years. At The Children’s Society  we currently provide over 40 […]

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Government to appeal Lewisham Hospital ruling: urgent questions for Jeremy Hunt

TweetOn Saturday 14 September the people of Lewisham will host a victory parade and party to celebrate the High Court ruling which – for now at least – has saved their hospital. By the standards of judicial language, this ruling was pretty robust. The judge quashed Hunt’s decision to downgrade Lewisham’s A&E and maternity services, […]

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Lewisham Hospital: A tribunal of the People, by the People and for the People

It is increasingly obvious that citizens worldwide are becoming disenchanted and disengaged with established government. This has been manifest in various forms of political and economic meltdown.

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Spending Review: Osborne to take 10 years to simply get back to 2007/08

Considering the government likes to throw every question they are asked in the chamber back at Labour – i.e. “we’re clearing up the mess left by the last government” – it’s strange how, going by the projections released along with today’s spending review, it’s going to take until 2017/18 for the Tories to be back where the Labour government was in 2007-2008.

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Spending Review: All in it together? Not according to the data

During his Spending Review speech George Osborne made much of the fairness of his announcements. He also repeated what has now become a cringing cliche: that we are “all in it together”.

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Those departmental cuts in full

Those departmental cuts in full

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Spending Review: George Osborne’s pensions conundrum

The government – correction, any future government – is facing an increasing conundrum over what to do about pensions. Despite the hoo ha over today’s Spending Review, the announcements the chancellor will make today will only apply to a small proportion of total spending.

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