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Cameron’s Christianity is sanitised and shallow

Cameron and Jesusj

Jesus’ instruction to love thy neighbour is the opposite of a politically convenient message, writes Simon Ravenscroft.

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A crisis made in Downing Street: one MILLION people visit food banks

Food banks imagej

Almost one million people had to rely on a food bank for emergency food aid in the past year.

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Poland: no friend of the Eurosceptics

Polish PM ncj

Poland’s is committed to the European Union, despite what David Cameron may like to think.

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Why conservatives can’t be trusted on Russia

Cameron Putinj

Conservatives of all stripes increasingly can’t be trusted on what is potentially the biggest geo-political issue of our time, writes James Bloodworth.

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Would Jesus have been a Cameroon?

Cameron and Jesusj

David Cameron told an audience last night that divine inspiration was at work when he came up with the concept of the Big Society. But would Jesus really have been a Cameroon?

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Cameron doesn’t give ‘two hoots’ about Welsh NHS, says first minister

Carwyn Jonesj

The Welsh first minister has claimed that David Cameron “doesn’t care two hoots about the NHS in Wales”.

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Three things that need to happen in light of the Maria Miller scandal

Maria Miller non copyrightj

Left Foot Forward editor James Bloodworth has come up with three things which parliament must consider in light of the latest scandal around MPs and their expenses.

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UK Labour lovebomb Wales

cardiff bay

Shadow Welsh Secretary, Owen Smith, has launched a scathing attack on the UK Government for launching a politically motivated “war on Wales” to shore up their position in England.

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Inheritance tax: David Cameron stands up for the 6 per cent

David Cameron 3-JPEG

The fact that Cameron wants to cut inheritance tax when half a million people required emergency food aid last year says a lot about where his priorities lie.

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Cameron cosies up to Israel while lecturing Palestinians on peace

Cameron Israelj

Cameron’s speech demonstrates everything that’s wrong with international engagement with the Israel-Palestine peace process.

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