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Until ESA is reformed, the rights won by generations of disability campaigners will evaporate

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The new Spartacus report proposes an alternative to the broken ESA system.

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People hit by Bedroom Tax choosing between eating and heating

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People hit by the hated Bedroom Tax are choosing between eating and heating, with three quarters cutting back on food bills, according to a new report.

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The Work Programme: just 1 in 20 ESA claimants have found work through the scheme

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The latest batch of Work Programme data were released today. New quarter; similar results: a programme doing acceptably for some, but for others not.

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Comment: IDS and the DWP can run, but they can’t hide

Sue Marsh writes about the DWP’s refusal to send anyone on the radio to debate her on the ESA cuts.

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Charity survey shows up shambolic work programme

In the wake of the unfolding A4e scandal, a new survey reveals bafflingly low client referral rates among welfare-to-work subcontractors. What’s going on?

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New report reveals “devastating evidence of systemic fraud within A4e”

A leaked internal A4e document has revealed evidence of “systemic fraud” at the company, BBC Newsnight’s Paul Mason revealed tonight.

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Nomination for most influential left-wing thinker: The disabled rights community

Nomination for left-wing thinker of the year: The disability rights community, in trying to change the way the whole country thinks about people with disabilities.

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Why did DWP delay releasing new data until after welfare reform bill cleared Commons?

Why was new research from the Department for Work and Pensions, which downgraded estimates for the growth in Disability Living Allowance, a major reason given for welfare reform, delayed until after the welfare bill passed the Commons?

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Government’s spin war on disabled continues

The government keeps spinning against disabled people using the work and statistics of the discredited Atos organisation, reports Left Foot Forward’s Daniel Elton.

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Osborne’s ‘conference treat’ on welfare reform turning into a sticky mess

The benefits cap was wonderful politics for George Osborne – but now the politics is turning sticky as the reality of its impcat hits home.

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