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Tower Hamlets Labour Party can be proud of its record on diversity

Tower Hamlets Labourj

This article is a response to a piece by Anwar Khan which appeared on Left Foot Forward on February 12.

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We need to end this patronising approach to ethnic minority representation

Tower Hamlets Labourj

We have a real problem with ethnic minority representation.

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5 reasons LGBT activists are protesting about Russia

Rainbow Flag

Five reasons LGBT activists have been protesting about the situation in Russia.

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Today’s other education story: faith schools discriminating against poor pupils

New research has found a striking correlation between religious selection in schools and socio-economic segregation.

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Remembering Harvey Milk

As America marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of his passing, Milk’s once-radical demand that gays receive full equality has never enjoyed greater support.

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Tories vote against anti-discrimination legislation in Europe

Tory MEPs have voted against an EU initiative to fight caste-based discrimination in a vote today in the European Parliament.

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29 US states allow you to be fired for being gay

In 29 states there are no anti-discrimination laws regarding sexual orientation and in 34 states it is legal to discriminate against transgender people.

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Why is anti-Traveller abuse not seen as racism?

John Millington looks at the racism suffered by Gypsies and Travellers, such as the boxer Tyson Fury, who often receives such abuse on Twitter.

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The Mental Health Bill is an improvement

TweetCurrently, legislation is going through parliament to ensure that those who have had mental health problems will be able to stand for parliament. This is a sign of how attitudes towards mental health issues are improving over time. However it is still important to recognise that proposed cuts in mental health services are a huge […]

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Davies’s remarks are a much needed wake-up call; discrimination is alive and well

Philip Davies’s disgusting, disgraceful, ignorant, ill-informed remarks about the disabled today have proved to be a much needed wake-up call, writes Jos Bell.

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