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Four ideas to solve the low pay crisis

Childcare vouchersj

An anonymous hotline to report employers for shady practices is just one way American activists are looking to tackle their own low pay crisis. Here are four ideas for solving our own.

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Behind cold doors: the chilling reality for children in poverty

Five million families are likely to turn their heating down this winter because they can’t afford to pay for it.

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Why Grant Shapps doesn’t know what he’s talking about on energy prices

Why energy bills are really sky high and what Grant Shapps and the Tories won’t do about it.

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SSE fails to highlight a staggering 20% increase in their operating costs and profits

Wholesale and network costs are mostly responsible for the tariff increase, not the cost of green policies, which account for only a sixth of the rise.

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Energy company behind price rise makes £1,500 profit a minute

Energy company SSE has announced this morning that it is to raise electricity and gas prices by an average of 8.2 per cent from 15 November.

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SNP in cahoots with the Tories

The Scottish government is working hand in glove with the Conservatives in opposing measures to reduce the cost of energy bills.

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The rise of the bills: the great energy rip-off at a glance

The great energy rip-off at a glance.

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Rising costs, mega profits, price fixing… We must make energy companies more accountable

Bill hikes, “Libor-like” fixing of wholesale gas prices, huge profits… time to investigate the limitations of private utilities running our energy supplies.

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Inflation makes prospects for improved growth in rest of 2011 dim

4.4% inflation makes it unlikely that economic growth will pick up in the second half of the year. Retail sales volumes are likely to remain stagnant.

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