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How the far right is uniting across Europe

Geert Wilders ncj

There is an uncertain line in the sand on he radical right between legitimate nationalism and unacceptable racism.

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Farage may be a little Englander, but he’s had the courage to say something out of the political ordinary

Clegg versus Faragej

In sounding like a normal human being, Farage is picking up support.

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Age appears a bigger factor in immigration debate than class

Border controlsj

Before we talk about social grade or class and the immigration debate, we must talk about age.

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Migration Watch’s new Eurosceptic policy: a victory for Blue Labour

Border controlsj

Migration Watch have come round to the Eurosceptic Blue Labour position they rejected three years ago.

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5 questions Clegg should put to Farage tonight

Clegg versus Faragej

Here at Left Foot Forward we’ve been critical of Nick Clegg in the past, but during tonight’s debate our sympathies will be firmly with the Lib Dem leader.

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Ukraine shows that Western politicians are no longer omnipotent

Barack Obamaj

Missing from public discourse over the crisis in Eastern Europe is a sense of how difficult it is for western officials to act in concert.

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MEPs take Europe’s case for a digital bill of rights to Washington


On the left we should be clear that the struggle for civil liberties is now taking place in cyberspace.

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Gypsy MPs and condom harmonisation: the 10 best right-wing EU scare stories

Express EUj

A compendium of right-wing scare stories about the EU.

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Ed Miliband is right, the promise of an EU referendum won’t win the 2015 election

Ed Miliband JPEG

Ed Miliband understands that people want a government that understands their concerns about Europe but is not obsessed with it.

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Immigration must work for people on low and middle incomes


Simply telling people that high migration is inevitable and that they shouldn’t worry is not the way to gain public trust.

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