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Stand up to racism and fascism this Saturday


The TUC is giving its full backing to the March 22 demo against racism and fascism.

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Let’s hope Clément Méric’s tragic death will ward off this wave of extremism plaguing France

Last Thursday in France, fascism claimed a life. Clément Méric, a young trade unionist and far-left activist, died under the blows of a group of skinheads in Paris.

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When did it become taboo to protest against fascists?

The Di Canio incident has underlined the need to step up campaigning against fascism, whether in uncovering extremists in the world of sport or entertainment as well as far-right political movements.

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Paolo Di Canio: “a fascist but not a racist”. That’s ok then

I have no idea whether or not Paulo Di Canio is a racist, just as I have no clue whether everyone who waddles through Trafalgar Square on May Day with a giant portrait of Stalin believes in the necessity of the Gulag or a bullet to the back of the head. I would, however, hesitate to put such people in positions where they have authority over people who their political heroes regarded as expendable.

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How the Left learnt to stop worrying and love Slavoj Žižek

Slavoj Zizek is accepted as left-wing, even a kind of Marxism, because most Marxists long ago abandoned the rational and material values of the social democratic Second International.

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Far-right targeting Irish in Liverpool

The far-right are targeting the Irish community in Liverpool.

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“BNP mark II”: Brons leads split from Griffin to form new far-right party

Andrew Brons MEP – who quit the BNP last month – has formed a new far-right party with fellow ex-BNPers, Holocaust deniers, racists and anti-Semites.

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Vidal Sassoon, anti-Fascist hero, “harder than the painted nails of his clients”

Left Foot Forward pays tribute to Vidal Sassoon, stylist to the stars, who died aged 84 in Los Angeles yesterday.

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Anders Breivik is a man, not a monster – making him all the more terrifying

The crimes of Anders Behring Brivik prompt difficult questions that we cannot skirt around by claiming he is evil incarnate or mentally ill.

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Le Pen’s fascists claim French youngsters are ‘joining in their droves’

Marine Le Pen’s Front National have claimed that young people are joining the fascists ‘in their droves’.

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