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If restrictions on free expression continue, Turkey will no longer be able to call itself a democracy

Turkey twitterj

If limitations on the freedom of expression continue, Turkey will be faced with placement in the same ‘not free’ category as Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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The Illiberal Democrats

Sadly, an attempt to challenge lazy and dangerous anti-Muslim stereotypes has ended up reinforcing them.

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The removal of ‘insulting’ from Public Order Act is a victory for free speech

The decision by the House of Lords to pass an amendment removing the word ‘insulting’ from Section 5 of the Public Order Act is a victory for free speech and should be welcomed.

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Comment: The rights and freedoms the tabloids trample must also be protected

Prateek Buch looks at the reaction to the Leveson Report by the press and politicians, and argues for regulation and against the anti-Leveson rhetoric.

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Free speech campaigners hail “major milestone” for libel reform in Defamation Bill

The Libel Reform campaign has said it is “delighted” with the government’s plans to introduce a Defamation Bill, outlined in the Queen’s Speech today.

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If you’re online, you’re in America, as far as US cops are concerned

Alex Hern reports on the uncomfortable fact that US law now seems to apply to everywhere online, no matter where you actually are

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How the Olympics privatised your mouth

With the Olympic Games coming to London this summer, Alex Hern covers the slightly overbearing brand protection employed by LOCOG. Just don’t say 2012…

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Unions jump the shark over Clarkson

Free speech campaigner Councillor Michael Harris explains why it is wrong to arrest far-right Tory Jeremy Clarkson for his sickening anti-trade union rant.

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Occupy LA evicted as America clamps down on protest

Alex Hern covers the latest news from the occupy movement in the USA.

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You gotta fight, for the right, to tweeeeeeet

Tony Burke, Assistant General Secretary of Unite, details the victory of the Newspaper Guild Of New York in fighting for the right to free expression online.

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