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Five more things the government should do for LGBT rights in the UK


Marriage equality doesn’t mean that the battle for LGBT rights in the UK is over.

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UKIP: a history of cranks and oddballs

Godfrey bloomj

Donna Edmunds, a UKIP councillor and candidate in the European elections, has said that businesses should be able to refuse services to women and gay people. She isn’t the first UKIP candidate to court controversy.

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5 reasons LGBT activists are protesting about Russia

Rainbow Flag

Five reasons LGBT activists have been protesting about the situation in Russia.

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Left Foot Forward forces Oxfam climbdown over speaker’s homophobic comments

Oxfam has cancelled an event after Left Foot Forward presented the organisation with homophobic and anti-semitic comments made by one of the organisers.

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BT apologises and promises to ‘revise’ description of sex education filters

BT has issued a statement to Left Foot Forward apologising for any ‘confusion’ caused after we broke the news earlier today that their parental internet filters were allowing parents to block information relating to “gay and lesbian lifestyle websites”.

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BT allows parents to block children’s access to ‘gay and lesbian lifestyle’ websites

Internet provider BT has a parental control feature which allows parents to prevent their children visiting websites which promote “gay and lesbian lifestyles”.

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The GPU Festival

The Global Peace and Unity Festival.

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A boycott would significantly damage Putin’s prestige

A boycott of the games would cause major embarrassment, even for Russians who sympathise with Putin.

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French opponents of same-sex marriage have taken homophobic discourse mainstream

Same-sex marriage should become law in France today, as the bill goes through its second and final reading in Parliament – but the predicted victory will taste bittersweet.

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From Argentina to Andorra: Gay marriage around the world

A look at the countries where gay marriage is legal and at those that are on the way to making it legal.

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