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The government has once again shown its contempt for NHS staff

David Cameronj

Average NHS workers have had a 10 per cent real terms pay cut since this government came to power in 2010.

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A final chance to defeat the hospital closure clause


The TUC is calling on MPs to oppose the government’s ill-thought out hospital closure clause.

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Jeremy Hunt, next Tory leader?

Jeremy Huntj

A piece in today’s Guardian is touting Jeremy Hunt as a future Tory leader. Could it really be so?

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Government to appeal Lewisham Hospital ruling: urgent questions for Jeremy Hunt

TweetOn Saturday 14 September the people of Lewisham will host a victory parade and party to celebrate the High Court ruling which – for now at least – has saved their hospital. By the standards of judicial language, this ruling was pretty robust. The judge quashed Hunt’s decision to downgrade Lewisham’s A&E and maternity services, […]

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Lewisham Hospital campaigners win High Court battle

A High Court judge has quashed plans by the government to cut services at Lewisham hospital.

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Lewisham Hospital: A tribunal of the People, by the People and for the People

It is increasingly obvious that citizens worldwide are becoming disenchanted and disengaged with established government. This has been manifest in various forms of political and economic meltdown.

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The cruellest postcode lottery of all

Yesterday Public Health England published an interactive map showing the levels of variation in early death rates for local authorities across England (or as some have dubbed it, the Early Death Atlas).

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Mid-Staffordshire: Why the police investigation must not target powerless NHS workers

Labour was in government during the period in which the Mid–Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust presided over the abuse and neglect of thousands of patients, leading to many deaths.

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Don’t blame NHS strain on foreigners: try other government departments first

Before rushing to blame foreign visitors for putting a strain on the health service with some rather dubious statistics, perhaps the prime minister and his health secretary would do well to examine the policies of other departments of government that are both costing the NHS money and preventing NHS staff from doing what they are qualified to do.

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The public won’t be fooled by the government on the NHS

The government will try and blame the failure of Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust on the NHS. The public won’t buy it.

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