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We’re failing to win the argument on human rights

Daily Mailj

It’s not just that we’re denied space to make the argument, it’s that we’ve failed to make a convincing case for human rights, argues Andrew Noakes.

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If Miliband wants a radical offer on HE, he should start with vice-chancellor’s pay

University ukj

Inequality in higher education goes far beyond how much students pay.

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Today we saw the Ed Miliband that people want to see

Ed Miliband non copyrightj

In pledging to unleash the potential of communities across our country, Ed Miliband looks like a prime minister in waiting, writes Richard Carr.

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Don’t cheer too loudly if Clegg gets a hammering in the Euro Elections

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Labour should worry if Nick Clegg goes. The likelihood of a strong Lib Dem General Election performance would be greatly enhanced by a new – left-leaning – leader.

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Labour is not losing support because left-wing policies are unpopular: it’s losing support because they are

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If Labour wants to reverse its declining poll ratings, it shouldn’t be trying to fight the Tories for the centre-right ground.

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Labour has betrayed its supporters on the welfare cap

TweetThe Tory austerity drive – bound up as it is in the barefaced lie that Britain was brought low in 2008 by benefit scroungers and not reckless bankers – was never about fixing the economy. It was about shrinking the state. As such, it was hardly surprising to see Cameron’s Etonian class warriors lining up […]

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Simon Jenkins, you’re wrong. Think tanks don’t need to think again

Simon jenkinsj

Think tanks both within the Labour Party and more broadly in British politics have a vital role to play.

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Ed is right to talk about devolution, the public who experience it understand and embrace it

Ed Milibandj

By trusting people to design and deliver the services they need and use we get better outcomes.

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The government should learn from the childcare policies of other countries


In Norway, state support for childcare goes to providers who have to meet quality criteria in order to receive any money.

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Tory childcare plans could see families of over-fives lose £18,000 worth of help


More than 100,000 families could lose out on up to £18,000-worth of childcare help under a new government scheme announced today.

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