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What the war on terror could have been like


Andrew Noakes of the Labour Campaign for Human Rights asks a pertinent question: what if the war on terror has turned out differently?

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Young people have been failed by the coalition; and Labour recognises that

Ed Balls Ed Milibandj

Should it win the General Election next year, Labour will guarantee starter jobs for anyone between 18 and 24 who have been out of work for a year.

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Labour must gain power so we can give it away


Labour needs to show it is serious about public service reform.

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A Lib-Lab coalition should not be dismissed out of hand

Lib Lab coalitionj

The most likely scenario in 2015 is a hung-parliament. Policymakers should be considering how they deal with that reality.

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CCHQ taking credit for Labour’s record on violent crime

The Tories are claiming credit for a fall in violent crime that mostly occurred under Labour.

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We need to end this patronising approach to ethnic minority representation

Tower Hamlets Labourj

We have a real problem with ethnic minority representation.

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Majority of SNP MPs absent from bedroom tax vote

Bedroom Tax Protest-j

Just two Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) MPs turned up to vote against the bedroom tax in the House of Commons earlier today after a prosal to repeal the tax was put forward by Labour MP Ian Lavery.

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Banning smoking in cars to demonise the poor? Not really, no

Smoking carj

Writing in today’s Guardian, Zoe Williams has interpreted the ban as yet another way of demonising poor parents.

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Tackling inequality is not palatable to parts of the UK’s business community

Away from the rarefied atmosphere of Davos, the reality of tackling inequality is not at all palatable to elements of the UK’s business community.

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How ‘insignificant’ really is 50p tax revenue?

So did the 50p rate of tax – introduced by Alistair Darling in 2009 – really raise a “statistically insignificant” sum, as the Independent’s editorial put it?

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