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Cutting the top rate of tax won’t help Britain win ‘the global race’

Jeremy Browne MP-1j

It’s not clear how cutting the 45p tax rate to 40p, as suggested by Lib Dem MP Jeremy Browne, would benefit Britain, writes Tony Dolphin.

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Don’t cheer too loudly if Clegg gets a hammering in the Euro Elections

Nick Clegg-1j

Labour should worry if Nick Clegg goes. The likelihood of a strong Lib Dem General Election performance would be greatly enhanced by a new – left-leaning – leader.

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Farage may be a little Englander, but he’s had the courage to say something out of the political ordinary

Clegg versus Faragej

In sounding like a normal human being, Farage is picking up support.

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Three proposed tax cuts that are anything but progressive

Minimum wage 2-JPEG

Some of the tax cuts being proposed by the Tories and the Lib Dems sound good, but in reality they are highly regressive.

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Does Nick Clegg still want to decriminalise cannabis?


It is increasingly clear that the Westminster bubble cannot shield itself from the debate on drug reform much longer.

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Nick Clegg’s unashamedly pro-Europe stance deserves credit

Nick CleggJ

The Liberal Democrats have been the only party not to get dragged into silly debates about immigration numbers.

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A Lib-Lab coalition should not be dismissed out of hand

Lib Lab coalitionj

The most likely scenario in 2015 is a hung-parliament. Policymakers should be considering how they deal with that reality.

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Now the ‘new politics’ is dead, what is the point of the Lib Dems?

Nick CleggJ

Here are some of the key pledges of Nick Clegg’s ‘new politics’ agenda which the party has dropped.

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The Illiberal Democrats

Sadly, an attempt to challenge lazy and dangerous anti-Muslim stereotypes has ended up reinforcing them.

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As the Rennard furore fades, all parties must reflect on how the Lib Dems got it so badly wrong

Here are some basics from the world of law and policy on sexual harassment and violence, which are worth bearing in mind in reviewing procedures.

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