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It’s time to be bold on the Living Wage

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If we believe that a Living Wage should apply to all, then we must be prepared to consider how we achieve it, writes Karen Jennings.

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Four ideas to solve the low pay crisis

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An anonymous hotline to report employers for shady practices is just one way American activists are looking to tackle their own low pay crisis. Here are four ideas for solving our own.

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19p should be the first step towards a mandatory living wage

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When the National Minimum Wage is increased in the autumn, it will remain far below a living wage and will leave millions earning poverty wages.

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Five million workers excluded from recovery, says Living Wage Commission

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TweetFive million workers are set to be left out of the economic recovery, according to a new report published today. The report, Working for Poverty, was authored by the Living Wage Commission and states that the economic recovery will have no effect for one in five workers unless employers pay a Living Wage. It describes […]

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How the Living Wage would save the taxpayer money

The taxpayer would save a significant sum of money if low paid employees were paid the Living Wage.

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The end destination must be a statutory Living Wage

The London Living Wage has raised the issue of poverty pay up the political agenda; it is now time to move to a statutory living wage.

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Prostitution and Poverty in the UK

In Britain, the recession has left many people struggling to make ends meet, but reports have shown that some young people are turning to prostitution in pursuit of financial security.

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The minimum wage at 15 – fully grown-up?

There is a strong consensus that the National Minimum Wage (NMW) has been a success yet, quite rightly, we are still worried about low pay. Can we do more with the NMW, or should we be thinking about a whole platter of policies to bring about fairer pay?

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Taking control of the economic debate: Why Labour should commit to a mass house building programme and a living wage

Labour should challenge the Tories to match pledges on house building and the living wage. We will see then if they really are on the side of those who want to work hard and ‘get on’.

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A mandatory living wage – the debate we need to have

If we don’t raise wages, control rents or reverse welfare cuts, we are going to completely price low paid workers out of London.

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