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UKIP MEPs back far-right leader Le Pen

UKIP MEPs have voted against a move by the European Parliament to remove the immunity of French far-right leader and MEP Marine Le Pen after French prosecutors opened a case against her for comments she made about Muslims.

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Rebel Tory MEPs decisive in failure of vote to reform EU Emission Trading Scheme

A European Parliament vote on the future of the beleaguered Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), with implications for international climate change policy, failed to deliver a vital reform today when a majority of Conservative MEPs voted against the government.

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Tory MEPs scupper plan to cut emissions

Tory MEPs have rejected a proposed reform to the European emissions trading scheme that would have cut the huge surplus of allowances currently being traded.

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EU should intervene directly to revive manufacturing, say socialist MEPs

Socialist MEPs argue that the EU should intervene directly to revive manufacturing across Europe.

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Helmer’s exit takes us out of the frying pan and into the fire

Alex Hern runs over the madness that is the Conservative’s new MEP for the East Midlands.

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Climate sceptic Tory MEPs will send us sleepwalking towards disaster

David Cameron’s pledge to spur the EU into taking tougher climate action was dealt a massive blow today when Tory MEPs helped kill off emissions cut proposals.

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Two weeks left to get the Tories to deliver on Cameron’s green promises

Christian Aid is gearing up to lobby Tory MEPs to vote to toughen up EU carbon emmissions targets – in accordance with their leader’s promises.

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Farage is a “control freak” says fellow UKIP MEP

The front-runner in the UKIP leadership contest, Nigel Farage MEP, was on the receiving end of an astonishing attack from a fellow UKIP MEP today, who criticised Mr Farage for being a “control freak” and damaging the party by monopolising power.

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Cameron is showing refreshing pragmatism on Turkey and Europe

David Cameron’s stance on Europe and the European Union seems to have turned on its head in recent weeks; earlier this week, he used his meeting with the Turkish prime minister to state Turkey’s case for EU membership – a crucially important issue for both Turkey and the future of the EU.

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Tory MEPs break government line in opposing Gaza resolution

Anybody who doubted the incoherence of Tory policy in the European Parliament should be convinced following the news that they split three ways on a resolution condemning the Israeli flotilla attack.

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