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A tale of two approaches to austerity

New data and projections from the OECD starkly portrays the differing approaches to austerity in the US and UK. The red line shows the US, the blue line shows the UK.

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For those who argue people are overtaxed in the UK and will run away if rates aren’t cut

This table has just been published by the OECD and shows the “tax wedge” taken from employment earnings for all 34 OECD countries.

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Taxpayers’ money being used to fund tax avoidance schemes

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) – a body that advises Britain and other European countries on tax and spend policies – has been accused of enabling global corporations such as Google Inc. (GOOG), Hewlett- Packard Co. and Amazon.com Inc (AMZN) to dodge taxes by shifting profits into offshore subsidiaries.

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UK youth unemployment third worst in OECD – what are the lessons to be learnt?

The UK has the third worst level of youth unemployment in the OECD, with only crisis-hit Greece and Spain having higher levels, a new report out today reveals.

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OECD comes out in support of Osborne’s failing policies, against the advice of everyone else

If what the Secretary General of the OECD says is true, then the country is in big trouble if the chancellor and the PM are ‘intent on staying on course’.

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French leaders attack Cameron’s “red carpet” invite to tax exiles as Carr gets owned

David Cameron has been attacked for his “red carpet” invite to tax dodgers, while Jimmy Carr has suffered a backlash after it was revealed he is a tax avoider.

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Is Osborne leading us to a double- or triple-dip?

In the wake of the OECD’s forecast the UK will experience a double-dip recession, the question now is whether or not we are experiencing a triple-dip.

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New OECD data shows how far Britain lags behind in women’s boardroom representation

New data from the OECD reveals just how far the UK lags behind other leading nations when it comes to equal gender representation in the boardroom.

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Grim economic news II: OECD cut UK growth prediction. Again

Alex Hern follows up yesterday’s economics round-up with another day of bad news. This time the OECD and Fitch have joined in, both predicting a slow-down.

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For our economic health we need a one-off tax on the one per cent

Stewart Lansley argues that the crisis we are suffering is one of demand and inequality, and that we can solve both with a one-off redistribution of wealth.

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