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Outsourcing: the joke has always been on the workers


Contracting out doesn’t improve efficiency – it just makes it easier to pay people less.

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Comment: why is outsourcing wrong?

TweetWith the memory of the G4S debacle at the beginning of the summer still sore, today’s news that the government plans to outsource huge swathes of the probation service will be met by cynicism and concern. British government use of the private sector to run services has had a difficult history. However, the justice secretary […]

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Government bonus crackdown ignores the outsourced sector – again

Alex Hern asks why the government’s crackdown on rewards for failure isn’t extending to firms which work almost entirely for the government – like A4e

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Public sector outsourcing is a mess – and it’s the taxpayer picking up the tab

From a4e to the care homes scandal, the outsourced sector is simply out of control with bonuses for poor performance.

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How bloggers exposed Tory ‘EasyCouncil’ where outsourcing is out of control

Barnet council’s audit committee was held in front of a packed room last Thursday – as residents heard a dmaning indictement of the Tory council.

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Welfare-to-work companies may be better at ‘playing the game’ than providing services

Among those selected by the government to carry out its welare to work programme are Atos, G4S and Serco – all have dubious records carrying out public sector contracts.

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Is Francis Maude a secret Fabian?

He works from a humble office, holds meetings with trade unions and plans to centralise Whitehall purchasing. Is Tory Francis Maude a secret Fabian?

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Crony capitalism alive and well under the Conservatives

David Cameron claimed to be against “the far-too-cosy relationship between politics, government, business and money”. The reality of the Conservatives in power is somewhat different.

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Cameron’s rush to outsource threatens our public services

The Conservative-led government’s ‘Open public services’ white paper is expected any day; it is a rush to outsource our public services on a scale that threatens the very notion of what is ‘public’, writes Unite’s John Earls.

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