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Labour mustn’t fall for the jobs fallacy – TTIP is a threat to democracy

Cameron Obamaj

The EU-US trade deal could lock in free market reforms and prevent a future government being able to reverse the privatisation of public services.

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New figures show taxpayers lost billions on Royal Mail privatisation

Royal Mail-j

New figures reveal that taxpayers lost billions of pounds in the privatisation of the Royal Mail.

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The student loan sell-off is reviving the student movement

By 2015, the coalition will have landed another right hook on the collective jawbone of students and graduates with the planned privatisation of student debt.

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Royal Mail sell-off: taxpayer short changed…according to Vince Cable

The taxpayer may have been shortchanged to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds by the sale of the Royal Mail, according to markers laid down by Vince Cable back in October.

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Would you hand supervision of offenders to companies with no experience of providing probation services?

The government’s plans to sell-off the probation service will be pushed to a vote on today by Labour MPs.

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80% want public ownership option for services

80 per cent of the public believe that there should always be a public sector bid when a public service in contracted out to judge if the service could be provided at better value, according to a new survey.

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The idea of paying £25 to see a GP is cruel, but nothing is unthinkable under this government

Nye Bevan has been rolling in his grave so much this year I doubt he can remember whether he’s facing up or down. After NHS privatisation was finally sealed in April, the principal of free and publicly accountable universal healthcare is now being further undermined by talk of GPs charging patients for their appointments.

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Two thirds of public opposed to Royal Mail sell off, including majority of UKIP supporters

Two thirds of the public are opposed to the government’s sell off of Royal Mail, with over a third ‘strongly opposed’, according to a new YouGov poll.

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Five reasons the privatisation of Royal Mail is bad policy

Later today ministers will announce the final details of plans for the privatisation of Royal Mail.

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Gove’s attack on public education is purely ideological

There has always been one asset the Conservative party has had over Labour since Margaret Thatcher’s election in 1979, and that is the sheer ruthlessness of their convictions.

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