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Osborne’s record on tax avoidance: spin over substance

George Osborne 10j

The chancellor’s record on tax avoidance suggests this is yet another PR exercise, writes James Bloodworth.

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Cutting the top rate of tax won’t help Britain win ‘the global race’

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It’s not clear how cutting the 45p tax rate to 40p, as suggested by Lib Dem MP Jeremy Browne, would benefit Britain, writes Tony Dolphin.

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24 Tory tax rises under George Osborne

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Since the coalition came to power in 2010, George Osborne has introduced 24 tax rises.

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Increasing the higher rate tax threshold does not help middle-income earners


By far the biggest gainers from an increase in the 40p threshold are families in the top income decile.

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Tax proposals ‘useless’, argues Welsh First Minister

The First Minister of Wales has declared that the tax varying powers being offered to the Welsh government are “pretty much useless”.

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Mo Farah: from lefty hero to tax exile in 10 short months

Last year Mo Farah was calling on the chancellor to crack down on tax avoidance. Now he want to be a tax exile.

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Sorry Boris, but the poor carry the greatest tax burden

The least well off households pay 36.6 per cent of their income in tax compared to 35.5 per cent paid by the wealthiest.

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How pre-distribution could boost the wage share

There has been much discussion of the merits of prioritising ‘pre-distribution’ – of attempting to achieve a more equal distribution of the cake before turning to ‘redistribution’ through tax and benefits.

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Why are we asking the British tax havens to reform themselves when the Foreign Office says we can impose new law on them?

I was rummaging through various links today and came to the UK Foreign Office White Paper on the Overseas Territories published in June 2012. This contains, on page 14, the following interesting statement in a section headed ‘Our Constitutional Relationship’.

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Bring on the oranges – what is there to play for in the second half of the UK’s G8 Presidency?

After the photo opportunities, early morning swims and talk of famous blues musicians last week in Lough Erne, the temptation is to think it’s all over for the UK’s Presidency of the G8.

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