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HS2 holds great potential, but the government must ensure all our railways are fit for the future

The High Speed Rail project holds great potential, but to make the most of that investment, the government must ensure all our railways are fit for the future.

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Here’s why Cameron’s ‘road privatisation’ plans are nonsensical

David Cameron’s ‘road privatisation’ proposals, which he unveiled today, are nonsensical, writes Sustrans’s Eleanor Besley.

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It shouldn’t be the case that prosperity means more traffic

Richard Bourn of the Campaign for Better Transport on the problems caused by congestion in our major cities – which are amongst the most congested in Europe.

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Train journeys from Hell: What is to be done?

TweetAlexandra Woodsworth is a public transport campaigner at the Campaign for Better Transport, and runs the Fair Fares Now campaign Monday night’s Dispatches programme painted a pretty grim picture of the plight of train passengers in the UK. Overcrowded carriages, delayed trains, and a bewildering array of eye-watering fares and ticket restrictions that seem to […]

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Snow chaos strikes Britain but no one’s taking the blame

Why aren’t local authorities better prepared, why don’t they work more closely with central government and why doesn’t every1 learn the lessons of past failures

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Is Scotland failing to learn the lessons of coping with severe weather?

With the snow and ice wreaking havoc once more, questions are being asked over the SNP-led Scottish Government’s ability to cope with the bad weather.

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