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If Miliband wants a radical offer on HE, he should start with vice-chancellor’s pay

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Inequality in higher education goes far beyond how much students pay.

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The student loan sell-off is reviving the student movement

By 2015, the coalition will have landed another right hook on the collective jawbone of students and graduates with the planned privatisation of student debt.

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John Denham is right about two things

John Denham is right about two things: we need more diverse higher education provision and we need to reassess the value for money of higher education.

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Removing the cap on student numbers: is it affordable?

The expansion in student numbers may in the end result in less generous terms for future graduates.

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Selling-off the loan book would be the government’s most outrageous attack on students yet, so why aren’t we more concerned?

It shouldn’t be left up to ordinary students to organise against the privatisation of the student loan book. We both need and deserve better from NUS.

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Cost of higher tuition fees system ‘six times higher’ than savings

The system of higher tuition fees introduced by the government with the aim of saving money is likely to cost more in the longer term, a new report has warned.

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Lamont’s ‘bring in tuition fees’ speech – “Tory blue” or “asking pertinent questions”?

Scottish Labour Johann Lamont leader said Scotland may need to look again at its policy of free university tuition.

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The consequences of the tuition fee rise: more empty University places

TweetWith a week until the deadline for students to submit their application for university, a third of Britain’s universities still have places to fill, supporting the prediction that a massive hike in tuition fees would deter students from going to University. In the Russell Group, made up of 24 of the country’s best universities, 7 […]

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There needs to be fairer access to universities for the people of Scotland

It is the continuing duty of the Left in the UK to champion the value that we should place to education.

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Fall in applications undermines government claims fee rise will not deter students

The government has got it totally wrong on higher education funding – it’s time for Labour to propose an alternative.

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