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Why conservatives can’t be trusted on Russia

Cameron Putinj

Conservatives of all stripes increasingly can’t be trusted on what is potentially the biggest geo-political issue of our time, writes James Bloodworth.

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How the far right is uniting across Europe

Geert Wilders ncj

There is an uncertain line in the sand on he radical right between legitimate nationalism and unacceptable racism.

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Vote UKIP, get [insert party name]

Godfrey Bloom1j

There is a 1 in 3 chance that someone elected as a UKIP MEP will no longer be a party member by the time of the next election.

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Farage may be a little Englander, but he’s had the courage to say something out of the political ordinary

Clegg versus Faragej

In sounding like a normal human being, Farage is picking up support.

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5 questions Clegg should put to Farage tonight

Clegg versus Faragej

Here at Left Foot Forward we’ve been critical of Nick Clegg in the past, but during tonight’s debate our sympathies will be firmly with the Lib Dem leader.

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Amid radical right gains, who will make the non-economic argument for immigration?

Nigel Farage 2j

Economics are important, but it won’t do to reach exclusively for economic solutions to the radical right threat.

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‘Abolish the state pension’: meet UKIP’s new economics spokesperson

Nigel Farage 1j

The proposal has been dismissed as “incoherent” and “bizarre” by pensions experts.

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UKIP come clean about why they really oppose gay marriage

Nigel Farage3-JPEG

UKIP’s opposition to gay marriage is not for pragmatic reasons, but is based on outdated bigotry.

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UKIP: a history of cranks and oddballs

Godfrey bloomj

Donna Edmunds, a UKIP councillor and candidate in the European elections, has said that businesses should be able to refuse services to women and gay people. She isn’t the first UKIP candidate to court controversy.

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UKIP conference building received £3million European funding


The Riveria International Centre, where the UKIP conference is currently being held, was partly funded by a European Grant of £3m.

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