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People hit by Bedroom Tax choosing between eating and heating

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People hit by the hated Bedroom Tax are choosing between eating and heating, with three quarters cutting back on food bills, according to a new report.

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The Bedroom Tax nine months on

Nine months on from the implementation of the bedroom tax, Gloria Roberts looks at the impact it’s had so far.

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Bristol woman ‘killed herself after benefits were stopped’

A Bristol woman who suffered severe pain due to slipped discs in her back and neck has taken her own life after having her benefits stopped.

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Rising sanctions will mean ministers blow the trumpet – but we could be forcing people through the safety net

Tom MacInnes of the New Policy Institute looks at the number of sanctions imposed on recipients of Jobseeker’s Allowance.

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Major incompetence: IDS’ reforms descend into chaos

As someone who joined the Labour Party under John Major’s period as Prime Minister, I find it odd to agree with his comments on Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms.

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TaxPayers’ Alliance welfare proposals save little money, but add to misery

The Taxpayers Alliance has released a new report on welfare dependency, but the proposed solutions do little to save costs and only adds to hardship.

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Why ‘One Nation Social Security’ also needs a map and compass

In Ed Miliband’s speech on social security yesterday, he set out a number of ways in which the present system pays for failure: having too many people in long-term unemployment; subsidising low paid work; subsidising rents rather than building homes; and not recognising contribution.

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Two cheers for Ed Miliband’s shift on welfare. He’s missing something, though

In a speech today at Newham Dockside, Ed Miliband will tackle head on the attempts to brand Labour the party of welfare, and will say that controlling social security spending and putting decent values at the heart of the system are “not conflicting priorities”.

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Hounslow foodbank rejects undeserving poor

A new council-run foodbank in Hounslow has rules stating they will not give food to people with “chaotic lifestyles” or those who have had benefits sanctioned.

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Poorest will be hardest hit by downturn due to welfare reforms

The poor will be the hardest hit in the long-term by the economic downturn as a result of the government’s changes to the benefits system, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

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